Responsible Travel Peru Agency

The preservation of cultural values and a healthy environment is a priority for Kempor Tours since they benefit the local communities economies. Travelers who evaluate their effectiveness and make plans accordingly not only bring back priceless memories but also leave behind a positive legacy for the environment and local communities. Our call is to move responsibly and with purpose, determined to be participants in a change in both attitude and thought.

Here are some ways you can start traveling more consciously, with the hope that they will inspire you and allow you to add your own as you continue to research how to be a better tourist:

  • You should familiarize yourself with the customs and cultures practiced in the area you will be visiting before you leave for your trip. Please take the time to learn about the distinctive cultural customs that are typical in the area you are visiting. This will provide you some wonderful insight and might even enable you to avoid offending or embarrassing others. Your perspective can be greatly expanded if you are receptive and eager to learn about the cultural variances that exist within your own country and among others. Study up on local cultural sensitivity issues by reading helpful articles. Please keep in mind that if these disparities did not exist, your trip would not have been as memorable.
  • To improve your experience, try learning a few basic words and phrases in the local tongue. This will enable you to interact with the people more simply. Similar to this, your trip will be more enjoyable if you read or listen to local literature.
  • Always patronize neighborhood shops, eateries, and lodging establishments. The same holds true for all the other services you'll be using. Consume regional products, traditional cuisine, public transportation, or simply stroll around the roads. All of this will make it easier for you to get to know the locals, who can provide you a ton of interesting and practical knowledge about the area.
  • Think carefully before taking any action. We strongly advise against eating in restaurants, going to shows, or shopping at stores that support animal abuse or sell endangered animals.
  • Try to buy locally produced goods and do all of your purchasing from local producers. You can easily find all foreign goods in your area, but not local goods. Please give them more preference in order to preserve the traditions. If bargaining is typical where you are visiting, feel free to do so. Just remember that the seller may value something that may seem little to you highly.
  • Don't just give gifts or money to begging people at random, especially if you don't know them well. It might be more beneficial to aid the community through a clinic or development initiative.
  • As much as you can, be respectful of and take care of the environment. Avoid picking flowers, leaving trash, and adding unnecessary clutter. To keep the environment clean, unpolluted, and healthy, try to recycle anything that can be reused.
  • Only leave your footprints behind, please. Treat the environment with the same respect that you would your own home. For instance, you don't have to use standard plastic bags; there are various options. Similar to this, save cigarette butts in a transportable container rather than throwing them out everywhere.
  • Throughout the journey, make sure your attire is appropriate while keeping in mind the local norms. When visiting places of worship, dress modestly, and check that your swimwear is appropriate before diving into the water at the beach or in the pool.
  • At Kempor Tours, we work hard to uphold the idea that visitors to a destination benefit it rather than harm it. While you enjoy your journey, kindly assist us in achieving our goal. Your contributions will be highly valued.